MarbleVR: First update on a new prototype

Just getting around to sharing what I've been working on. Been away from VR for a while, back now with a few new prototypes. This is the simplest demonstration I could muster. Added arrows to the ball and motion controllers in order to make the controls more obvious visually. In game it's very intuitive, but like most things in VR the magic is totally lost on video. The ball is simulating physics, and gets a constant push in the direction the controller is leaning. Trying to stand perfectly still takes a steady hand, but it's doable within a centimeter accuracy. You can stop and turn on a dime with the slightest rotation of your wrist.

There's much more prototyped already, like bumpers, crushers, magnets, jets, laser turrets, and decaying floor tiles. I'll post more examples as I put together the necessary media. Making videos and screenshots of my work is a new habit I'm trying to form. This is only the beginning.

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