A downloadable game for Windows

Use your motion controller to steer Pacman around the map. Six areas to clear, with six degrees of freedom.

You can also use grip to toggle your view, and the trackpads to fly around for a better perspective.


Install instructions

32-bit and 64-bit download options available.

Open SteamVR first, then launch game.

Esc exits the game.


PacmanVR.rar (both versions) 177 MB
PacmanVR for 32 bit Windows 77 MB
PacmanVR for 64 bit Windows 100 MB


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Is it copyright legal ? Is this release unauthorized.I think its very cool but dont want to play if its not legit.

If this was modded so that we are 1st person view AS pac-man, my life would be complete.

How hard would this be to do?

The control of the character was a little wonky, The Vive controller not being designed to be moved in some of the directions so easily. But other than that i had alot of fun.


Jumped right into it and was trying to move as if I was Pacman. Took me a moment to realize why I wasn't eating the dots.

Once I figured it out I found it to be a lot of fun! Very cool having all four walls around you. Thanks for making this :)